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Gilbert AZ|Lifestyle|Pest Control Gilbert

What Gilbert AZ Offer to Its Residents

Gilbert AZ has a lot to offer its residents. However, some neighborhoods within Gilbert are more desirable than others. Below are five of the best neighborhoods in the city of Gilbert.  1. STONECREEK If you are looking for Gilbert AZ homes for sale, this neighborhood is one of the best choices you can make. StoneCreek is a highly sought-after community located within the boundaries of E Guadalupe Rd and N Val Vista Drive. Served by the Gilbert Unified School District and positioned next to the largest park in Gilbert, this neighborhood is ideal for families with children. This neighborhood also offers easy access to the freeway for commuters.  2. SEVILLE Another excellent location for Gilbert AZ real estate is Seville, a luxurious neighborhood located between S Recker Rd and E Happy Rd. This neighborhood offers easy access to the Seville Country Club, a prestigious facility with a beautiful golf course and Olympic-size swimming pool. Most of the people in this community are married, and it is the perfect choice for families with children.  3. FINLEY FARMS Located on the east side of Gilbert, Finley Farms is a family-oriented community with large, multiple-bedroom homes and plenty of amenities. Finley Farms elementary is located within the community, so families with children will feel right at home. To learn more about purchasing a home in Finley Farms, contact a Gilbert AZ Realtor.  4. POWER RANCH If you are interested in Gilbert AZ homes for sale in one of Gilbert’s more active communities, look no further than Power Ranch. Although it is located further from the heart of Gilbert, this community still offers its residents all of the luxuries and amenities they need to live an exciting yet comfortable life. The community is large but close-knit and includes an expansive network of trails. A qualified Gilbert AZ realtor can help you find a home in this exciting neighborhood.  5. VAL VISTA LAKES Home buyers looking for waterfront real estate in Gilbert AZ can find everything they have ever dreamed of in the community of Val Vista Lakes. Multiple subdivisions exist within this large neighborhood, so plenty of options are available. In addition to breathtaking views of the water, Val Vista Lakes also offers a number of other amenities, including a well-appointed clubhouse and easy access to nature trails.  Pest Control Gilbert Whether its caring for your home or business, Natural Pest Solutions will design a custom pest control service program to meet your individual needs. Our pest control program begins with a thorough inspection and assessment of your property. Pests can be simply annoying to live with, in a home or work environment; however they can also be dangerous and destructive in addition to carrying a host of diseases. What all of our clients can expect to receive is a pest and termite control service that combines using safe, state of the art and effective pest management technology, tools and practice, with skills and experience. Clients can also expect to receive an honest service,…

Langley|Lifestyle|Pest Control Langley

The Neighbourhoods in Langley

Fort Langley is the richest and best-educated area of the Township, according to a Times analysis of new neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood profiles provided to council. The statistics also show that the fastest-growing Township neighbourhood is Willoughby, while the slowest-growing is Brookswood-Fernridge. The updated statistics were presented in a March 24 memo from the Community Development division to council. The figures show that 19 per cent of Fort Langley households reported an annual income of $150,000 or more a year, well above the Township average of 14 per cent, and more than any other neighbourhood in the community. Walnut Grove placed second, with 16 per cent of its households making $150,000 or more, while Brookswood-Fernridge and Willoughby tied for third at 14 per cent in the plus-150K category. In terms of te exact numbers of households reporting incomes of $150,000 or more, Walnut Grove had the most with 1,435, while Willoughby was second with 930 and Brookswood-Fernridge was third with 645. Those three neighbourhoods accounted for more than half of all Township households in the highest income category, 3,010 of the 5,165 in the entire community. On the other end of the income spectrum, Aldergrove had the highest percentage of households making less than $20,000 a year, at 14 per cent, more than the Township average of 10 per cent. Willoughby had the second highest percentage of households at the lower end of the income scale with 10 per cent under $20,000, and Murrayville was third at nine per cent. In terms of the exact numbers reporting less than $20,000 a year in income, Willoughby had the most households in that category at 700, Walnut Grove was second at 635 and Aldergrove was third with 590. The community with the smallest percentage and smallest actual number of people in the sub-$20,000 category was Fort Langley, with five per cent or 55 households. The best educated neighbourhood was Fort Langley, with 47 per cent possessing a college or university diploma or degree, higher than the overall Township average of 40 per cent. In terms of housing construction, the fastest-growing neighbourhood was Willoughby, which has added 2,800 new single-family and 2,400 multi-family housing units from 2006 to 2013. Brookswood-Fernridge had the slowest growth rate, adding 167 single-family homes and seven multi-family units over the same period. Brookswood-Fernridge has the highest percentage of single-family homes in Langley at virtually 100 per cent, with just 15 multi-family units among 4,604, compared to the Township average of 72 per cent. Willoughby currently has the most housing units of any area of Langley Township at 10,500, 5,900 of them single-family. Walnut Grove has the second highest number at 8,800 housing units while Brookswood is third at 4.600. Pest Control Langley   Natural Pest Solutions offers safe, effective Langley Pest Control services for both residential and commercial properties. Our trained technicians provide the most up-to-date treatments ensuring all customers pest issues are solved in a timely manor. We employ Langley Exterminators that specialize in rodent control and elimination focusing on…

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